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Creating art that is not only breathtaking but functional

As our name implies we work in both metals and wood to create features in your home that will provide years of functional beauty you can enjoy.

As we do not have the typical constraints that designers have or limited resources that some contractors have, we are able to build the exact product that you want. We are not limited with the materials we use and can typically source any of the unusual or harder to get woods or metals to make the piece of your dreams.

The photos that are used in this website are a limited selection of finished projects.

Creations are only limited by your imagination. Contact me to book a consultation today.

A Fusion of Iron and Wood

Built in features.

The stainless steel trimmed zebra wood paneling was created and installed with off the shelf racking to create a stunning feature wall to display your investments.

Custom steel legs.

Legs designed for a bifurcating Clara Walnut live edge table.

Live edge Maple vanity.

The highly figured Maple from a wind downed tree was finished with a thick high gloss coating to create this stunning one of a kind powder room vanity.

AW Collection

Recent creations

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