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Basement concrete maple trim cover
Basement concrete access holes
Custom maple trip to cover structural holes in basement foundations
Maple trim covering foundation holes
Basement foundation trim

This basement is still in progress. The house had been moved off of the foundations at one point then moved back on after the foundations had been excavated and repoured. The process of moving the house back on required large keyholes to be put into the foundations to accommodate the large metal I-beams required to support the house while it was moved. Due to the size of the holes they were not able to be hidden in a conventional way so we decided to cover them with an undulating pattern cut out of maple plywood. The wood is finished with a clear urethane coating and will be trimmed with a stainless steel to complete the industrial feel of the basement.

Unique ideas are required in unique circumstances while still considering both the final aesthetic and budget.

Please keep an eye on this page. I'll be adding photos as this work progresses.

Let me help you create a dream feature in your home.

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