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Custom clear western red cedar stained and installed with Innotech windows
Custom Clear western red cedar source and milled on the Canadian West Coast Sechelt area
Clear cedar siding

This homeowner wanted actual clear (wood without knots) tongue and groove western red cedar siding for their home. If you have ever tried to source a lot of clear siding you'll know it's virtually impossible to get. Fortunately, I have a great relationship with a cedar mill in BC and have contacts that were able to machine the wood into tongue and groove for this house. After visiting the mill about 5 times to sort through their wood stock and pick out the true clear pieces I was able to set aside 6500 linear feet that I brought to the wood shop to dry and mill into the right shape. The wood was then brought back to Calgary where it was stained and installed onto the waiting home. I used structural screws to mount the trim around the windows and corners to give it a nice finishing detail.

Let me help you create a dream feature in your home.

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