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Dog waste watering stations

I also do work for businesses. These dog waste dispensers and watering stations were commissioned by the Vin Room here in Calgary. They changed the way patios are used by being the first to allow dogs on theirs. They wanted something unique that would go with the theme of the Tapas Bar yet still be able to do its required function. I ended up using a couple of their wine bottles to dispense the waste bags and made the holder so it resembled a corkscrew. This station was balanced out with a heavy metal plate so the station would not only be very strong but stable for use on the crowded patios. The watering stations were also designed to go with the theme of the restaurant by putting the bowls on stainless steel stems so they resembled wine glasses. The bowls are removable to allow proper cleaning when needed. 

I've included a pic of one of my girls (Lexi) trying the wine bottle holder on for size.  Fits that wine bottle shaped head quite nicely, don't you think?

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